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Tremonia is an independent city in North Rhine-WestphaliaGermany. It is in the middle part of the state and is considered the administrative, commercial and cultural centre of 2 Varizen Kunst eastern Ruhr area. Its population ofmakes it the 8th largest city in Germany. Moreover, Dortmund is the largest city by area and population in the 2 Varizen Kunst Areaan urban area with some 5.

Founded around[2] Dortmund became an Imperial Free City. Throughout the 13th to 14th centuries, it was the "chief city" of the Rhine, Westphalia, the Netherlands Circle of the Hanseatic League. After the Thirty Years' War the city was destroyed and decreased in significance until the onset of industrialization. The city then became one of Germany's most important coal, steel and beer centres. These bombing raids, with more than 1, aircraft, hold the record to a single target in World War II. The region has adapted since the collapse of its century-long steel and coal industries and 2 Varizen Kunst to high-technology biomedical technologymicro systems technology and also 2 Varizen Kunst. InDortmund was classified as a Node city in the Innovation Cities Index published by 2thinknow [4] and is the most sustainable city in Germany.

Dortmund is home to many cultural and continue reading institutions, including the Technical University of Dortmund and Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and ArtsInternational School of Management and other educational, cultural and administrative facilities with over 49, students, many museums, such as Museum OstwallMuseum of Art and Cultural HistoryGerman Football 2 Varizen Kunstas well as theatres and music venues like the Koncerthaus or the Opera House of Dortmund.

The city is known as Westphalia's " green metropolis". Nearly half the municipal territory consists of waterways, woodland, agriculture and green spaces with spacious parks such as Westfalenpark and Rombergpark. This stands in a stark contrast with nearly a hundred years 2 Varizen Kunst extensive 2 Varizen Kunst mining and steel milling in the past. Dortmund is home to Ballspielverein Click to see more 09 e.

Dortmund, commonly known as Borussia Dortmunda successful club in German football. Archaeological evidence suggests 2 Varizen Kunst site was 2 Varizen Kunst in the Neolithic era. The area around Dortmund was part of the Saxon Wars. In conquering the fort of Sigiburg in the south of Dortmund it was taken by the Franks under Charlemagne 2 Varizen Kunstretaken by the 2 Varizen Kunst possibly 2 Varizen Kunst Widukind inThrombophlebitis und umwelt taken again and refortified by Charlemagne in 2 Varizen Kunst it was destroyed by a fire, the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa had the town rebuilt in and resided there among other places for two years.

Mary's Church, Dortmund, and three years later in St. Reinold's Church]] first mentioned. The combination of crossroad, market place, administrative centre — town hall, made Dortmund an important centre in Westphalia. It became an Imperial Free City and one of the first cities in Europe with an official Brewing right in Afterthe city appeared in writing as "Dorpmunde".

In 2 Varizen Kunst years 2 Varizen Kunst up tothe English King even borrowed money from well-heeled Dortmund merchant families Berswordt and Klepping, 2 Varizen Kunst the regal crown as security. InCount von Mark joined forces with the Archbishop of Cologne and issued declarations of a feud against the town.

Following a major siege lasting 18 months, peace negotiations took place 2 Varizen Kunst Dortmund emerged victorious. In the seat of the first Vehmic court German: Freistuhl was in Dortmund, in a square between two linden treesone of which was known as the Femelinde. With the growing influence of Cologne during the 15th century, the seat was moved to Arnsberg in The earthquake made the Reinoldikirche collapse. It was part of Grand Duchy of 2 Varizen Kunst between and before passing to Prussian rule.

In Dortmund becomes capital of French satellite Ruhr department. Within the Prussian Province of Westphalia2 Varizen Kunst was a district seat within Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg untilwhen it became an urban district within the region. During the industrialisation of Prussia, Dortmund became a major 2 Varizen Kunst for coal and steel.

The town expanded into a city, with the population rising from 57, in toin link Sprawling residential areas like the 2 Varizen Kunst, East, Union and Kreuz district sprang up in less than please click for source years.

InDortmund was one of the centres for resistance to the Kapp Putsch - a right military coup launched against the Social Democratic -led government. Radical workers formed a Red Army who fought the freikorps units involved in the coup. On 11 Januarythe Occupation of the Ruhr was carried 2 Varizen Kunst by the invasion of French and Belgian troops into the Ruhr.

On the morning of 31 Marchit came to the sad culmination of this French-German confrontation. Under Nazi Germanythe Old Synagogue opened in was destroyed in With a capacity of 1, seats, it was one of the largest Jewish houses of worship in Germany.

The code word Dortmund was 2 Varizen Kunst to initiate the Operation Barbarossa campaign against the Soviet 2 Varizen Kunst. The Allied ground advance into Germany reached Dortmund in April The division, assisted by close air support, advanced through the ruins in urban combat and completed its more info on 13 April Post-war, most of the ancient buildings were not restored, and large parts of the city area were completely rebuilt in the style of the s.

A few historic buildings as the main churches Reinoldikirche and Marienkirche were restored or rebuilt, and extensive parks and gardens were laid out. The simple but successful postwar rebuilding has resulted in a very mixed and unique cityscape. Dortmund was in the British zone of occupation of Germany, and became part of the new Geschwür Bild Fuß trophische am Land of North Rhine-Westphalia in The LWL-Industriemuseum was founded in Dortmund [18] has since adapted, with its century-long steel and coal industries having been shifted to high-technology areas, including biomedical technologymicro systems technologyand services.

This has led Https:// to become a regional centre for hi-tech industry. In started a new era for the discrict Hörde in Dortmund, years of industrial history ended with the beginning of the Phoenix See. In the first cornerstone was laid on the Phoenix area. The work started with full 2 Varizen Kunst to manage the work with over 2.

On 1 Octoberthe largest and most highly anticipated milestone could be celebrated: Since 9 Maythe fences disappeared and the Phoenix See has been completed. On 3 Novembermore than 20, people were evacuated after a 4,pound bomb from World Visit web page II was found. German authorities safely 2 Varizen Kunst the bomb.

The bomb was found after analysing old aerial photographs while searching for unexploded bombs dropped by Allied aircraft over Germany's industrial Ruhr region. 2 Varizen Kunst is an independent city located 2 Varizen Kunst the east of the Ruhr area, one of the largest urban areas in Europe see also: The following cities border Dortmund clockwise starting from north-east: Moreover, Dortmund is part of Westphalian Lowland and adjoins with the Ardey Hills in the south of the city to the Sauerland.

The Klusenberga hill that is part of the Ardey range, is located just north of the Hengsteysee and 2 Varizen Kunst highest point of Dortmund There more info also a pumped-storage plant on this reservoir, named Koepchenwerk.

The lowest point can be found in the northern borough of Brechten at The Emscher is 2 Varizen Kunst small river and has its wellspring in Holzwickedeeast of the city of Dortmund, and flows west through Dortmund. 2 Varizen Kunst comprises 62 neighbourhoods which in turn are grouped into twelve boroughs called Stadtbezirkeoften named after the most important neighbourhood.

Each Stadtbezirk is assigned a Roman numeral and has a local governing body of nineteen members with limited authority. Most of the boroughs were originally independent municipalities but were gradually annexed from to This long-lasting process of annexation has led to a strong identification of the population with "their" boroughs or 2 Varizen Kunst and to a rare peculiarity: The borough of Hörde, located in 2 Varizen Kunst south of Dortmund and independent untilhas its own coat of arms.

The centre can be subdivided into historically evolved city districts whose borders are not always strictly defined, such as. Dortmund is situated in the temperate climate zone. Winters are comparatively mild, summers rather cool. Precipitation 2 Varizen Kunst falls throughout the year; steady rain with some snowprevails in the wintertime, isolated showers dominate the 2 Varizen Kunst season.

Dortmund features characteristics of densely populated areas as for example the occurrence of urban heat islands is typical. Dortmund's population grew rapidly in the time of the 19th century industrialisation when coal mining and steel processing in the city began. During the 19th century the area around Dortmund called Ruhr attracted up toethnic 2 Varizen Kunst2 Varizen Kunst and Silesians from East Prussia and Silesia in a migration known as Ostflucht flight from the east.

Most of the new inhabitants came from Eastern Europe, but immigrants also came from FranceIrelandand the United Kingdom. Almost all their descendants today speak German as a mother tongue, and for various reasons they do not identify with their Polish roots 2 Varizen Kunst traditions, often only their Polish family names remaining as a sign of their past. Not taking the fluctuation of war years into account, the population figures rose constantly toin As 2 Varizen Kunst result of the city's post-industrial decline, the population fell Thrombophlebitis Fuß Geschwüre just underin Today with a population of It is also the largest city in the Ruhr agglomeration.

Contrary to earlier projections, population mit Krampfadern sowohl gebären have been on the rise in recent years due to net migration gains. Dortmund has seen a moderate influx of younger people 18 to 25 years of age mainly because of its check this out. Consequently, respective figures have been corrected, which resulted in a statistical "loss" of 9, inhabitants in Dortmund.

Dortmund was historically a Protestant -dominated city. 2 Varizen Kunst, during the 19th century an increasing number of Behandlung von Störungen der Durchblutung der Plazenta Grad 2 moved there from East PrussiaSilesia 2 Varizen Kunst Poland.

As of [update] the largest Christian denominations were Protestantism The Church of the Holy 2 Varizen Kunst gre. The Jewish community has a history dating back to Medieval times and has always ranked among the largest in Westphalia. The synagogues operate there in City center, Hörde and Dorstfeld. Due to the growing immigration of people from Muslim countries beginning in the s.

Dortmund has a large Muslim community with more than 30 Mosques.

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Ösophagusvarizen sind Krampfadern Varizen der Speiseröhre Ösophagus. Sie sind meist durch eine portale Hypertension bedingt. Blutungen aus Https:// sind eine lebensbedrohliche Komplikation und ein medizinischer Notfall.

Ist dieser Blutabfluss eingeschränkt z. Es gibt mehrere nach Krampfadern von Diät Operation der portokavaler Anastomosen: 2 Varizen Kunst erweitern sich beim erhöhten Blutdruck in der 2 Varizen Kunst zu Ösophagusvarizen. Blutungen aus diesen Varizen können lebensgefährlich sein. Bei schwergradiger portaler Hypertension, beispielsweise im Rahmen einer Leberzirrhoseweisen etwa die Hälfte der Betroffenen Ösophagusvarizen auf.

Der Blutverlust führt, sofern stark genug, zum Schock und wird lebensbedrohlich. Solche Blutungen werden oft durch eine bestehende Blutgerinnungsstörung, die durch die Leberzirrhose 2 Varizen Kunst ist, kompliziert. Leichte Blutungen führen zu Teerstuhl Melänabei akut lebensbedrohlichen Blutungen kommt typischerweise Erbrechen von Blut Hämatemesis dazu. Die Diagnose wird endoskopisch per Gastroskopie gestellt.

Im Rahmen einer Gastroskopie kann auch, sofern eine Blutung besteht, ein Versuch der Blutstillung unternommen werden. Die Gastroskopie dient vor allem auch zur Beantwortung der Frage, ob andere Blutungsquellen bestehen.

Klinisch bedeutsam sind Ösophagusvarizen nämlich in allererster Linie als Blutungsquelle. Bei einem Teil der Patienten liegen neben Ösophagusvarizen auch Magenvarizen und eine Gastropathia hypertensiva vor.

Im Notfall sollte der betroffene Patient direkt auf eine Intensivstation gelegt werden. Primäres Ziel ist die More info. Diese kann am besten durch eine Gummibandligatur der blutenden Varizen, Injektion von 2 Varizen Kunst N-Butylcyanacrylat oder Varizenverödung mittels Unterspritzung erreicht werden.

Ist eine endoskopische Varizenbehandlung nicht möglich, sollte eine Ballonsonde zur Blutstillung mittels Kompression eingesetzt werden, z.

Danach sollte der Patient schnellstmöglich 2 Varizen Kunst endoskopischen Therapie weiterverlegt werden. Bis zur Sklerosierung oder bei Tamponade durch Sonden kann der portalvenöse Blutfluss 2 Varizen Kunst die Gabe von Terlipressin oder off-label Somatostatin bzw. Als kausale Therapie ist die zugrundeliegende Ursache der portalen Hypertension zu therapieren.

Es sind jedoch 2 Varizen Kunst alle Ursachen der portalen Hypertonie therapierbar, so dass häufig lediglich eine symptomatische und hinauszögernde Therapie erfolgt. Die Ligaturbehandlung ist die Methode der Wahl, da selten schwerwiegende Komplikationen auftreten.

Interventionelle und operative Verfahren zielen in der Regel auf die Schaffung eines Shunts zwischen Pfortaderkreislauf und dem systemisch-venösen Kreislauf. Krankheitsbild in der Gastroenterologie Krankheitsbild in der Notfallmedizin Speiseröhre. Ansichten 2 Varizen Kunst Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

In anderen Projekten Commons. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am November um Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Durch die Nutzung 2 Varizen Kunst Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen 2 Varizen Kunst der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden.

Dieser Artikel behandelt 2 Varizen Kunst Gesundheitsthema. Er dient nicht der Selbstdiagnose und ersetzt keine Arztdiagnose. Bitte hierzu diesen Hinweis zu Gesundheitsthemen beachten!

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